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Date: 03/12/05-07:55:33 AM Z
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Thats seems really expensive. The holga 120s here in vermont sell for
$20 USD or less.

I bought a "hacked" holga a bunch of years ago with a shutter release
cable and a few other modifications to it for $50. (USD)

Funny thing, though. I searched all of looking only in canada
and came up with zero hits for Holga's. Funky.

Good luck,

p.s. you can have all of mine if you want all the light leaks :)

Alex Swain (fo)
Burlington, VT
On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 05:47:18 -0500, Michael Dowdall <> wrote:
> Kris
> Downtown Camera in Toronto has Holga's. They don't have them listed on
> there site but they always have lots of them at the front counter. Both
> kinds! ;) I don't remember the exact price, but the might have been less
> than $60.00.
> Michael
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> Subject: holga in canada
> hey all--
> i'm interested in picking up a number of holga cameras in canada.... it
> appears freestyle holds a monopoly on distribution in the U.S.; any
> ideas about Canada?
> i'd really rather prefer to order within Canada (so's i don't have to
> worry about shipping/customs/etc.)
> i realize i may be asking too much
> thnx
> k
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