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cultural imperialism...hmm...i can't say i dislike
that phrase (and Judy, as a recent lurker/list member,
i will say now that i have no knowledge of your
person, nor will i make any claim or reference to
assuming any...although i do feel silly in feeling
that i need to say this) beliefs are such that i
feel the political left has as much right to place
limits/requirements on expression as the political
right has to bring "family values" into national they are doing...i currently live in the
middle east where minorities are outcast in a very
open manner and what we consider objectivity is taken
with a head tilt akin to a puppy hearing a high
pitched whistle...and with women, gosh...what we call
discrimination is a matter of principle here...i
consider myself an objective person who is willing to
listen to what people have to say regardless of what
they're saying or where their flesh tends to sag...i
make no concerted effort to offend or oppress
(although, according to Professor Churchill in
Boulder, Colorado, this means very little)...but i do
quickly tire of the avenue of complaint that has
recently developed into a force that is making
communication and expression a horribly difficult
chore that ultimately results in what i believe to be
phraseology that neither offends nor
informs...political correctness tears down walls of
autonomy that, ironically, the left is trying so hard
to promote and develop (although, in counter, that
autonomy can easily be misinterpreted or discriminated
against)...i mean, really, aren't we here to show
pictures? or are we actually this bored?

"The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds.
 The pessimist fears it's true" - J Robert Oppenheimer

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