RE: scanner density-value relation

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Date: 03/09/05-08:05:31 AM Z
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> By the way, if the quality of software is entirely disregarded, are
> Perfection 4990 and Canoscan 9950F very closely comparable in terms of
> image quality as far as b&w negs and prints are concerned? What about
> usable Dmax?

You can use Vuescan software to obtain log density values directly. However
it has been my experience with several different Epson scanners as well as a
couple of Microtec scanners that the DMAX ratings are way way over inflated.

IMO, you are wasting your time trying to do serious densitometry without a
densitometer. A good used XRITE 810 isn't that expensive.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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