Re: Adhesion: Silane and gum

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Date: 03/07/05-05:45:14 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

> At any rate it was a beautiful day yesterday, so I took two pieces of
> glass and treated one with silane in acetone, rubbing until it was
> evaporated, and the other with silane in IPA, applied the same way, and
> we'll see what happens.

What happened was that if anything, silane applied this way was even
less conducive to gum than was silane applied more liberally. Bottom
line: I didn't get an image on either glass; the gum came off instantly
when the glass went into the water. The glass that was treated with
silane in alcohol did accept the wet gum coating better than the glass
that was treated with silane in acetone, but there were other things
different between the two pieces of glass, so I can't say that it means
anything; at any rate, this glass didn't keep the crosslinked gum any
better than the other one did.

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