Re: Adhesion: Silane and gum

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Date: 03/07/05-01:54:33 AM Z
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MARTINM wrote:

> You may be right. I was only questioning a bit the efficiency of acetone.
> might give you
> some hints about glass cleaning procedures prior to coating...

Hi Martin,
I think maybe the issues are getting confused again, because your
suggestions about surfactants and about glass cleaning seem to suggest
that you think we're talking about a problem with the wet gum coating
adhering to the clean glass. No, the wet gum coating adheres to the
clean glass just beautifully. It's the crosslinked gum, later, that
doesn't stay, because there's no tooth for it to hang onto.

On the other hand, with the silane-treated glass, the wet gum coating
does not adhere to the glass well at all; as soon as it's brushed on it
starts crawling and gathering together, the way a liquid does that has
no "affection" :-) for its substrate. I repeat, this does not happen
with clean glass.

At any rate it was a beautiful day yesterday, so I took two pieces of
glass and treated one with silane in acetone, rubbing until it was
evaporated, and the other with silane in IPA, applied the same way, and
we'll see what happens.

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