Was: Dry Plate Speed & Shelflife NOW The Quest for Truth

From: Bill William ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 03/05/05-11:51:58 AM Z
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Let me know when you get ASA 50.
(Frankly I would be surprised if that method produced ASA

"Let me know when you get ASA 50."

If he WERE able to,
What would you do then?
Point out to him that it must be an artifact, a mistake,
or worse, fraudulent?

There are many surprises behind Door Number 3!

What would you say to ISO 100 with only reduction

or to FOG FREE sulphur sensitisation methods?

I should like to point out that today, even among "REAL"
emulsion experts, there are currently people who claim
certain results that others cannot duplicate... Those
claims are NOT all fraudulent!

While "someone" might simply discount those studies,
others would make and extended search for the right

In the long run, guess which method leads to the
advancement of knowledge?

Hey, no skin off my neck...

>From one who will listen to all of those who cannot...

Sleep well!

Let's Celebrate Together!
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