Re: Dry Plate Speed & Shelflife

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Date: 03/05/05-03:20:04 AM Z
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Subject: Re: Dry Plate Speed & Shelflife
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 09:47:01 +0100

> > In conventional emulsion, large grains refer to 1 micron or larger in
> > diameter. Can you make grains that big by bathing method?
> Have you read the paragraph I quoted from Glafkidès' book?

Yeah but that part didn't say grain diameter or photographic speed.
Plus, I'm asking your experience, not that of Glafkidès. By the way,
which edition and section was that paragraph taken from? (I have the
book somewhere.)

> > Can you speak in terms of lux seconds of exposure?
> Unfortunately, we have radiometric measures (W/sq cm). They can't be
> converted into photometric measures.

You can "measure" lux by using a reasonable photographic light meter.

> The method introduced by Glafkidès may produce layers in the 10 ASA
> area. If you added reduction sensitization, I guess you'd easily get
> 50 ASA.

Let me know when you get ASA 50. (Frankly I would be surprised if that
method produced ASA 5.)

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