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Date: 03/02/05-10:14:17 PM Z
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I have been using pictorico and have had no problem with negative
flaking when using the vacuum frame during pt/pd printing. I did find
out that using a One-Pass roller to clean a inkjet negative is a very
bad idea. The roller sticks to it like glue. It is actually pretty
amazing. I had to use a lot of force to separate the roller from the

On Mar 2, 2005, at 10:06 PM, Sandy King wrote:

> Don,
> I had meant to mention the look of the negative when I printed on the
> wrong side. It did have this very weird look and I almost dried it to
> print with. It struck me that Sam would really have liked the image.
> BTW, I am finding that with carbon printing I have to use a sheet of
> thin Mylar between the negative and the carbon tissue to avoid part of
> the negative sticking to the tissue. The tissue will be perfectly dry
> to the touch but it still has enough moisture to pull small parts off
> the negative, which of course destroys both the image and the
> negative.
> Just wondering if folks are having this problem printing with Pt./Pd.
> whenu using a vacuum frame?
> Sandy
>> >
>>> It might also be helpful to cut a corner in the appropriate place
>>> on all
>>> sheets in advance -- an extra reminder.
>>> J.
>> I might just add this. On the 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of Ultrafine Clear
>> Film,
>> the white strip has the following printed in three different
>> languages,
>> "Print Other Side."
>> The 13x19 and 11x17 sheets don't have such a warning, but even with a
>> gloved
>> hand it is very apparent which is the receptor side, so the saliva
>> test
>> shouldn't be needed.
>> Having mentioned that, I've still managed to print on the wrong side
>> once.
>> The image had the appearance of melted Jell-O, something I think some
>> gum
>> printers would love.
>> Don Bryant
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