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Date: 03/02/05-08:54:26 PM Z
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On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Sandy King wrote:

> A long time ago I purchased a product called Kremer Defoamer, #78600,
> probably with the intention of reducing bubbles the pigmented gelatin
> solutions I use for making carbon tissue. But apparently I put it away and
> forget about it and never got around to trying it out. Now today I found the
> bottle and wonder if it might work for anything. If anyone has used this
> stuff before, say in gelatin sizing for gum bichromate, can you give me some
> directions?. I am assuming that one would just add a drop or two of the
> defoamer per liter but would appreciate more precise instructions if
> available.


As a size for gum printing, I used ONE DROP Kremer defoamer per liter of
gelatin, which worked like a charm. That's 3% Knox, vat soaked, -- lean a
glass against the wall, put the sized paper face down on it, and run a
squeegee (I used an acrylic rod, 1" diameter) LIGHTLY down the back.

See P-F #9, page 49, for details AND illustration.

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