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> If there was any way I could be there, I would, but
>it's not at all likely. Knock 'em dead, Dan,

Thanks to Katherine for kindly announcing the Photographic Image Gallery
show in Portland, OR. Below are some details on the show and other stuff:

On Saturday, March 19 the Photographic Image Gallery in Portland, OR will
have an opening featuring the work of Jerry Uelsmann, Craig Barber,
Thomas Kellner and...me. It'd be swell to meet any list members there if
you have time to attend. The real draw is that Jerry Uelsmann will be
there too with artist/wife, Maggie Taylor. Opening is short, from 6:30 to
7:30 but I'll probably be there longer than that.

On Sunday, March 20, as SPE winds down, I'm presenting my popular,
One-Day Digital Blitz Workshop in Portland where I demystify all things
photographic and Photoshopic. If you enjoy digital imaging from a
photographer's perspective, this would be perfect for you.

You can learn more at the following URL:


In the Indiana area, I'm doing another One-Day Digital Blitz in Muncie,
Indiana, on March 13. Nikon and Jack's Camera there in Muncie are
sponsoring the event and fun for all is promised. The link above will get
you more info for that workshop too.

And finally, check out www.TinyTutorials.com where, for less than the
cost of a good cup of coffee, you can download 4-7 minute QuickTime
videos that tackle all kinds of important Photoshop issues. If you
already have too many Photoshop books lying around, this might be just
what you need. I've just added two tutorials that address digital
negative issues too.

OK, that's all the self-promo even I can stand for a while.

Hope to see old friends and new faces in Oregon and Indiana!



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