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US 3,963,493 may have some information:
"For one-time use the developer is preferably relatively viscous by addition
to the developer of a thickening agent, preferably a water-soluble
film-forming material e.g. a water-soluble plastic. The film-forming plastic
may be any of the high molecular weight polymers which are stable to alkali
and which are soluble in aqueous alkaline solutions e.g.
hydroxyethylcellulose, starch or gum, polyvinyl alcohol, the sodium salts of
polymethacrylic acid and polyacrylic acid, sodium alginate, sodium
carboxymethyl cellulose, etc."


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> I have heard people mention viscous developers as a way to increase
> edge effects without reducing agitation.
> Can anyone suggest some literature on this or give me some direction
> on how I might adapt an existing developer to use this way?
> Sandy
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