RE: Kremer Defoamer

Date: 03/02/05-04:47:55 AM Z
Message-id: <>

I don't know what type of defoamer Kremer 78600 is. Recently I asked
BYK Chemie about their defoamers for preparing dispersions of power
pigments into gum and they recommended me BYK024 with concentrations
between .1 and 1%. I believe this types of products are very similar
and all usually work between .1 and 1% I don't know if this can help.

I bought your book "The Book of Carbon and Carbro" and I consider it
very interesting and helpful.

Sandy King <> wrote:

>A long time ago I purchased a product called Kremer Defoamer, #78600,
>probably with the intention of reducing bubbles the pigmented
>gelatin solutions I use for making carbon tissue. But apparently I
>put it away and forget about it and never got around to trying it
>out. Now today I found the bottle and wonder if it might work for
>anything. If anyone has used this stuff before, say in gelatin sizing
>for gum bichromate, can you give me some directions?. I am assuming
>that one would just add a drop or two of the defoamer per liter but
>would appreciate more precise instructions if available.

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