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I have Photoshop CS and have started the process of making color layers with the color selector. Slow process.

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> > > I know you can do three and four color seperations with Photoshop but the program I refered to did up to 9 color seperations. How do some printers end up with 20-30 screens for their prints?
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> P.S. You can also make spot color channels in Photoshop, of course. You
> could select a particular color with the magic wand or whatever they use
> nowadays to select colors, and make a spot channel for that color. It
> used to be that the number of spot channels for an image was limited,
> but it was back when Photoshop 2 or 3 was the cutting edge when I was
> working with these kinds of issues, and the improved capabilities of the
> newer Photoshop versions make those limitations moot I'm sure.
> You can also make an indexed color table using specific Pantone colors,
> so you could make your own "indexed" separations; you can even look in
> the Fastfilm manual to see what colors to use. So everything that
> Fastfilms does could theoretically be done in Photoshop, it's just that
> for the particular purpose, Fastfilms probably does it better and
> faster, because someone's already thought out all the stuff you'd have
> to sit and think through.
> kt
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