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> > I know you can do three and four color seperations with Photoshop but the program I refered to did up to 9 color seperations. How do some printers end up with 20-30 screens for their prints?

P.S. You can also make spot color channels in Photoshop, of course. You
could select a particular color with the magic wand or whatever they use
nowadays to select colors, and make a spot channel for that color. It
used to be that the number of spot channels for an image was limited,
but it was back when Photoshop 2 or 3 was the cutting edge when I was
working with these kinds of issues, and the improved capabilities of the
newer Photoshop versions make those limitations moot I'm sure.

You can also make an indexed color table using specific Pantone colors,
so you could make your own "indexed" separations; you can even look in
the Fastfilm manual to see what colors to use. So everything that
Fastfilms does could theoretically be done in Photoshop, it's just that
for the particular purpose, Fastfilms probably does it better and
faster, because someone's already thought out all the stuff you'd have
to sit and think through.
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