RE: Jobo 3000-Series 8x20 Film Drum (semi-OT)

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Date: 06/30/05-09:04:51 AM Z
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I just called Jobo US Customer Service to find out what was up.

The sky is not in fact falling.

They are in fact closing, but are close to a deal on a US Distributor. They
could not reveal the name of the US Distributor, but assured me Jobo
Products, Parts and Service would still be available in the US, although not
directly from Jobo.

Breath easier.



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I have an e-mail in to Jobo corporate to see if I can get some more info.
I'll pass along whatever news I receive. Just as a guess, I'd think they
would hook up with a US marketer (like HP, for example) to keep their
presence alive here, without the cost of supporting their own US unit.


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On Tuesday 28 June 2005 16:28, Schuyler Grace wrote:
> Well, I'm half-way there. I have a 3063 drum, but not the insert they
> about. Ken Owen's description doesn't bring to mind exactly what I
> pictured, but I'm sure it must be the same sort of device. I guess I'll
> have to contact Jobo corporate to see what they might be able to do.

        The bigger sizes used to be all custom made IIRC. You'd send them a
sheet of
your film and they made an insert to fit.

> Regarding the shut-down of Jobo USA, the e-mail I got back from them said
> they were closing in three weeks, and most of the folks there were already
> gone, including the person who had details on the inserts. The person I
> was e-mailing with also said the units I was looking for had been
> discontinued and were no longer available.

        The reason I'm wondering is I've been thinking of buying a 3063 tank
but keep
putting it off. I wonder if I should hurry up.

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