RE: Jobo 3000-Series 8x20 Film Drum (semi-OT)

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Date: 06/29/05-11:07:10 AM Z
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I have an e-mail in to Jobo corporate to see if I can get some more info.
I'll pass along whatever news I receive. Just as a guess, I'd think they
would hook up with a US marketer (like HP, for example) to keep their
presence alive here, without the cost of supporting their own US unit.


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On Tuesday 28 June 2005 16:28, Schuyler Grace wrote:
> Well, I'm half-way there. I have a 3063 drum, but not the insert they
> about. Ken Owen's description doesn't bring to mind exactly what I
> pictured, but I'm sure it must be the same sort of device. I guess I'll
> have to contact Jobo corporate to see what they might be able to do.

        The bigger sizes used to be all custom made IIRC. You'd send them a
sheet of
your film and they made an insert to fit.

> Regarding the shut-down of Jobo USA, the e-mail I got back from them said
> they were closing in three weeks, and most of the folks there were already
> gone, including the person who had details on the inserts. The person I
> was e-mailing with also said the units I was looking for had been
> discontinued and were no longer available.

        The reason I'm wondering is I've been thinking of buying a 3063 tank
but keep
putting it off. I wonder if I should hurry up.

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