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Date: 06/28/05-07:38:51 AM Z
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Thanks! (I didn't REALLY mean to post to the whole list, but who knows?
maybe some other lurker will benefit!)

Dennis Moser

sanking@CLEMSON.EDU wrote:
> My experience is that coating and development of kallitype prints can be
> done in the same type of low level tungsten illumination that we use with
> other alternative processes such as gum, carbon, pt./pd. and VDB. I
> personally use a 75 watt yellow bug light for coating and development, but
> dry the coated paper in the dark. I have occasionally left the paper to
> dry in the same room with the bug light, at a distance of 4-5 feet from
> it, with no resultant sign of light fogging after 30-60 minutes.
> Sandy King

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