Re: Hardening salted paper and potassium dichromate

From: Fabiano Busdraghi ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/24/05-09:15:55 AM Z
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thank you for your contribution. i have the same printer (2100) and for
salted paper my negative is quite green, and red/orange for silver gelatine.
I'm happy we find something coerent. I will check my palette as you suggest
and I will try to add a black layer too, as suggested in previous mails, but
tomorrow i have to go to indonesia and I will far from my dark room, maybe
one ore two weeks.
I will share my results when I came back and try some prints
thank you

--- "Christina Z. Anderson" <> ha scritto:

> Fabiano,
> I'm on the road and email is hit or miss for me, therefore I may have
> misssed a lot of this thread but I will offer one thing: if I read
> correctly, the neg color you are using is red? I have no experience with
> salted paper, but with VDB and most others I have tried I am in the green
> to
> blue range. Could your density problem be related to the color you chose?
> The only time I have chosen red is with black and white enlarging paper
> (silver gelatin) and when using red there, I added 15% ink density in my
> "ink configuration" on my Epson 2200.
> I get paper white just fine, and VDB is plenty contrasty, too. Oh, the VDB
> was on Cranes P. Wove. It just always seems to me that the red ranges on
> the CDR don't hold back enough light. Scratch all this if you are not on
> the same printer (Epson 2200). I will also say I am a novice VDB printer,
> though, so don't take my word as gospel, just something for you to try
> perhaps.
> One other thing; occasionally I have had a problem with my Epson 2200 where
> my palette will come out printed more pale. I know it is "operator error"
> but whatever step I did wrong (I know it is not in my printer dialogue box
> because I have a "custom" method saved as "tonal palette" and it does the
> exact same thing for me every time, including turning off the ICM), it is
> hard to catch until after i have printed my whole palette. So be sure to
> check your tonal palette to see if it is densely printed, and try the
> green/blue range.
> Wending my way through Bayou La Batre, Biloxi, Natchez on my way
> north...just can't get enough of this deep South experience....
> Chris

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