Re: Hardening salted paper and potassium dichromate

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/24/05-07:39:12 AM Z
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I'm on the road and email is hit or miss for me, therefore I may have
misssed a lot of this thread but I will offer one thing: if I read
correctly, the neg color you are using is red? I have no experience with
salted paper, but with VDB and most others I have tried I am in the green to
blue range. Could your density problem be related to the color you chose?
The only time I have chosen red is with black and white enlarging paper
(silver gelatin) and when using red there, I added 15% ink density in my
"ink configuration" on my Epson 2200.

I get paper white just fine, and VDB is plenty contrasty, too. Oh, the VDB
was on Cranes P. Wove. It just always seems to me that the red ranges on
the CDR don't hold back enough light. Scratch all this if you are not on
the same printer (Epson 2200). I will also say I am a novice VDB printer,
though, so don't take my word as gospel, just something for you to try

One other thing; occasionally I have had a problem with my Epson 2200 where
my palette will come out printed more pale. I know it is "operator error"
but whatever step I did wrong (I know it is not in my printer dialogue box
because I have a "custom" method saved as "tonal palette" and it does the
exact same thing for me every time, including turning off the ICM), it is
hard to catch until after i have printed my whole palette. So be sure to
check your tonal palette to see if it is densely printed, and try the
green/blue range.

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