Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? - Very confusing

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>> The following website is a list of discontinued Kodak
>> products:
> rs.jhtml?id=
> Can someone please explain something to me?
> I visited the link and clicked the Kodabromide paper link.
> Yes, it has been
> discontinued, but they recommend using Kodabrome II RC as
> a replacement. I
> clicked on the Elite paper link, and they recommend
> Polymax Fine Art paper.
> Some other suggested replacement papers include
> Polycontrast IV RC and
> Professional Polymax II RC.
> If Kodak has, in fact, discontinued manufacturing all
> black and white
> papers, (as the AP and other reports indicated) why do
> they recommend
> replacement black and white papers? Or is the above link
> outdated and
> indeed, ALL black and white papers are now gone?
> - A very confused, Dektol drunk Bob
  The information on the web site is not up to date. The
recommendations have been there for, in some cases, years.
Papers like Kodabromide have been discontinued for a long
time. The current data will stay there until paper supplies
run out. Kodak estimates it has enough stock to last for six
months but that is at normal sales rates. If people stock up
the current supply may run out more quickly. There is no
question whatever that all Kodak black and white papers,
including the chromogenic ones, have been discontinued.
Eventually, they will get around to updating the web site.

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