Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?

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Date: 06/15/05-10:53:06 PM Z
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>> > Earlier, someone posted they had inside information and
>> > declined to say
> who.
>> > I will believe it when Kodak announces it; "reliable"
>> > inside sources are
>> > often less than reliable.
>> I've known Richard for years and I also know who he is
>> speaking about. I
>> suggest you reconsider.
> Perhaps, but not everyone knows Richard. We all know
> rumors and how
> pervasive they are; often made worse by the Internet. I
> also said it might
> be true. I think I said that twice. I wanted a release
> from Kodak.
> Which would you prefer? Hearing news from someone you do
> not know concerning
> a particular company or information directly from the
> horse's mouth?
> So, do not climb on me; I was not out of line.
> Bob
   Well, I have to agree with you. There have been so many
rumors about companies in the photo supply business over the
years with nothing at all to substantiate them let alone the
constant supply of such rumor about just about everything.
It is wise to be skeptical until there is substantiation.
Following this rule would have saved CBS from a lot of

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