Re: I'll never double coat cyano again

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Date: 06/17/05-05:10:35 PM Z
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    After many folks whose advice I trust told me I was wrong to ignore
double coating cyanotypes I did some more testing. Sure enough, with a lot
longer exposure the double coating did give a slightly better DMAX. It also
gave me a slightly shorter scale. I was using Canson Cold Press and classic
1:1 cyanotype.
    Then I tried to repeat my tests with Fabriano Aristico--well, that paper
definitely needs double coating.
    So, for my purposes anyway, on this paper anyway, the single coating is
faster and has a longer scale.
    You may see two of my images at the end of this page:
    Many thanks to all who answered me. I have learned a lot.
Charles Portland OR
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