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Thanks for the answer.

I found that on the archive:


    Maybe try the old recipe dating from the 'old' days of the list
    mentioned by Klaus Pollmeier. (for sure you will find him in the
    archives and -of course- in Judy's PF...)
    Put half a liter Budweiser (do not take Heineken, too much water in
    it :-) in a cup, wait a few hours, add something like a spoon (for
    soup, not tea) of baking soda , add about 40ml waterglass, stirr,
    wait some time and use this for coating. If dry , rinse under cold
    water and let dry. Try the cyano.


It was about Cyanotype on glas.

I understand everything in the recipe, nut what is 40ml waterglass?

And what about:


    If dry , rinse under cold
    water and let dry. Try the cyano.


So I do the coating with that, let the plate dry, and after that rinse under
cold water and again let it dry?

Why do I have to rinse it with the cold water again after drieing?

Thank you very much






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