Re: digital gram scale - any recommendations?

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Try They have all kinds of cool stuff. Look at items #OHC-16020, OHC-16022 and OHC-16024. Sign up for the catalog. Lots of fun stuff.


>Date: Thu Jun 16 16:47:03 CDT 2005
>Subject: digital gram scale - any recommendations?

>Hi All,
>I have started the search for a digital gram-measuring scale and happened upon a "nice" site that reviewed a "bunch" - How are those for a precision words? - Ha! Ha! - of online vendors for the same. I figure it is best to get some input from the group before hitting a "buy" button. I am looking for a small one, not necessarily pocket-sized, but portable would be good (more for convenience than plans to take the scale into the "field.") Since I was a chemist/biochemist for 27 years in my first career I am undaunted (almost) by delicate and complex instruments; however, my wallet is currently rather flat so I am looking for something in the $40 - $80 range. It appears that there are a variety of adequately accurate scales out there for this price. What do you all use? Any favorite brands and models? Also, I don't plan to mix up large amounts of chemicals at a time, more like small production more often :-)
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