Re: digital gram scale - any recommendations?

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Hi Judy,

Check out online for small digital scales used by firearms reloaders. I got
a very nice one from the RCBS company and there are other companies such as
Lyman, etc that offer these. You might also find them used online where
reloading equipment is bought, sold, traded—and of course eBay.

They usually mesure in grams and ounces and have calibration weights

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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> Hi All,
> I have started the search for a digital gram-measuring scale and happened
> upon a "nice" site that reviewed a "bunch" - How are those for a precision
> words? - Ha! Ha! - of online vendors for the same.  I figure it is best to get
> some input from the group before hitting a "buy" button.  I am looking for a
> small one, not necessarily pocket-sized, but portable would be good (more for
> convenience than plans to take the scale into the "field.")  Since I was a
> chemist/biochemist for 27 years in my first career I am undaunted (almost) by
> delicate and complex instruments; however, my wallet is currently rather flat
> so I am looking for something in the $40 - $80 range.  It appears that there
> are a variety of adequately accurate scales out there for this price.  What do
> you all use?  Any favorite brands and models?  Also, I don't plan to mix up
> large amounts of chemicals at a time, more like small production more often
> :-)
> Thanks!
> Judy
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