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Perhaps we could direct this conversation to resemble something a little more thought provoking than nit-picking, reliability of resources, and hurt feelings. The reality is, if such a thing were to occur, color paper would be next. And as soon as photo printers, that produce what is now considered professional quality, are more available in the consumer market film is the logical next step.
Einstein said WWIII would be shot with slingshots. I think this type of news might excite some alt practitioners as it would logically put us at the forefront of photographic craftsmanship...those closer to the earth, so to speak (not that we aren't already). I teach children who don't remember a world without the Internet. When I soothe their research frustrations with nightmarish tales of the Dewey Decimal System, card catalogs, and periodical references, they begin to look at us older folks with awe and wonderment.
"What do you mean you make your own paper?"
"What is light sensitive material?"
"I know you printed it. But what model printer did you use?"
"Wow! What filter did you use? Where could I get the plug-in?"
Many of these types of questions are already being asked. I know delving into the world of alt process has given me a greater feeling of independence and a loss of reliance on more market traditional processes. Learning cyanotypes and gum processes made me feel better about not having a darkroom in my apartment. Also, given my current propensity to maintain residence in the developing world, my access to film and paper will more quickly become limited than those in the developed locales of our little spinning rock.
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John Cremati <> wrote:

Does any one know anything about this? Is this for just this company or
they are just no longer making all Black and White Papers?
John Cremati

Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 11:03 AM
Subject: Kodak B/W Paper Discontinued

It was announced today(June 15) that Kodak has discontinued all Black and
White papers including RC, Fiber, Digital, Azo, Vprint, Panalure and Portra
Black and White/Sepia. Most stock will be available through the end of

I wanted you to know that Diversified Photo Supply will continue to stock
both RC and Fiber based Black and White papers in the following brands:
Agfa, Mitsubishi Gekko and Ilford. Please email or call if you would like
price quotes on any of these papers. Also you can continue to order the
Kodak brand through us while supplies last at Kodak.


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