Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?

From: Robert M ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/16/05-12:45:52 AM Z
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> > I agree. I did read the AP article, but who knows how accurate AP is.
> > Apparently, the news story is indeed accurate, but I will wait until I
> > for sure.
> ROTFLMAO !!!!!
> I can't even comment on this !

I can only assume you think my possible disbelief of the AP wire story is
worth laughing at.

Apparently you do not know just how many incorrect stories and lying
journalists there are. Remember Mr. Jason Blair and Mr. Stephen Glass? How
about Michael Bellesiles, Patrica Smith, Jay Forman, Janet Cooke, Jan Schon?
They made things up and passed their lies off as true and accurate. These
writers worked for large organizations, so an AP inaccuracy is not as far
fetched as you might think. Remember Newsweek and the Koran incident?

I did not say AP was incorrect, but I am saying not to be too surprised if
the story is inaccurate. Apparently it is an accurate story and I said that,
too. I cannot say it is because I do not know, but I will.

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