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Date: 06/09/05-04:03:44 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:
> >> And a question -- I haven't been carefully following discussion of
> >> lightfastness... tending to rely on manufacturers ratings (most do provide
> >> that). I realize those can be overoptimistic, but I stick with the best
> >> rated, thereby saving time, energy & brain cells for emergencies.. I'm
> >> wondering though if those who've devoted more attention will cite the
> >> benefits -- and/or tell me what I'm missing?

I answered this challenge in a somewhat roundabout way the first time,
trying to separate groups of people for whom this discussion might be
useful from those for whom it might not-- for example those who don't
particularly care about permanence (there are such people and I have no
argument with them whatever) or those who already are paying attention
to lightfastness of their pigments. My purpose in devoting attention to
lightfastness of pigments, as I said, is to help ensure that when people
choose pigments, they are making a truly informed choice. My response
wasn't in any way meant as a personal put-down, although it was
apparently taken so, and I hope my last response made it clear that
there wasn't anything personal intended in my comments.

But it occurs to me there is maybe a better way to answer this challenge
to cite the benefits of paying attention to lightfastness. One direct
and specific benefit I can see is that before I started sharing
information about lightfastness, there were people here recommending PR
83, which is rated by all responsible sources as a fugitive pigment. As
MacEvoy sums up the findings, "Alizarin crimson has been tested hundreds
of times since the late 19th century and there is simply no credible
argument in its favor." I haven't heard anyone recommending that pigment
here for some time now, and I like to think that is because of the
attention that has occasionally been paid to lightfastness questions
here. I will continue to devote such attention without apology (until
such time, as I've said, that someone can demonstrate conclusively that
fugitive pigments become somehow not-fugitive when made into gum

Katharine Thayer
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