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Date: 06/04/05-03:31:10 PM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Chris asked a while ago about pigments people have had problems with..... -- I believe I've now met my match in cadmium
> red.

But at last I have conquered it. I've always said that any pigment will
work with gum as long as you understand the pigment, and I have proved
my own axiom.

What I didn't understand about this pigment at first was that it doesn't
behave like any other pigment I've ever encountered. Most pigments, as I
said, will print about the same color as you see before you put in the
dichromate. Generally the way I mix paint with gum is to put in paint
until adding more paint doesn't make the color any more saturated. That
mix, IME, will print with the most saturated color possible for that
particular pigment/paint. But with this pigment, the color of the paint
looked very saturated but it printed very unsaturated, even a different

On a whim, I dumped almost the entire tube of paint into about 20 ml
gum, and printed that. The color of the mixed pigment-gum wasn't any
redder or more saturated than the mix I had made before, but this mix
printed beautifully, a bright deep red color, nice tones, clear
highlights, etc. So, cadmium red is off the "problem pigment" list as
far as I'm concerned.
Katharine Thayer
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