I'll never double coat cyano again -- was what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN

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Date: 06/06/05-04:06:35 PM Z
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Several of you have said that double coating increases DMAX. I had always
believed that. But the tests I showed yesterday led me to doubt it. I
exposed pairs of Stoufer strips, one on single coated cyano, one on double
coated. I did six exposure times. All of these showed the same or better
DMAX with single coating. Further, the single coat always showed a longer
scale. You can see the results on my web page--I added these new tests at
the end of the earlier cyano note.
    I HOPE that I have optimized the images for the web and that it won't
take too long for a dial-up, though the final image of the 6 pairs is pretty
Thanks, Charles Portland OR
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