RE: what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN

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Date: 06/06/05-10:06:48 AM Z
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Sorry, I found this in my Drafts folder :)


In summer we got around 80-90% humidity here (but not always the usual is
around 60-70%). Well, maybe you should consider an air conditioner in your
workplace. You should use the minimum amnt. of solution that will cover your
coating area. I use 1.5ml coating solution per 8x10 print - my brush is a
nicely moistened Da Vinci brush (a good synthetic brush! I dip the brush in
distilled water then brush on a paper towel to moisten it without diluting
the coating solution).






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Sent: 05 Haziran 2005 Pazar 12:57
Subject: RE: what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN


I'm in Cairo, and things dry almost faster than they get wet here! Anyway,
do you think i might be using too much solution in my coating? (i use the
classical formula)


by the way, istanbul is a wonderful city
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