Re: what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN

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Date: 06/06/05-06:09:11 AM Z
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Charles -

It came up through the T1 connection here at work just fine. <g>

If you do not have an imaging program that will optimize your image, you can
use the free service at NetMechanic by going to This is what I used
until I got Photoshop.

Cheers -


--- ryberg <> wrote:

> I've always used cyanotype at 1:1 and always double coated. These
> recent comments led me to test single coating and the 2:1 ratio. I have
> concluded that though each of the four posibilities would require its own
> curve (my tests were all done with a curve I made for 1:1 double coating)
> each would probably make excellent prints.
> I'm going to do a new curve for 1:1 single coating and will let you know
> of my results.
> You can view the test I did here
> WARNING I know even less about HTML than I do about alt photography so
> this page is not yet optomized for speed. If you have a dial-up connection
> it probably will be too slow for you, though I would appreciate it if
> someone would tell me how slow it is--not to the second how much of the page
> loaded in the first minute or some such comment.
> Charles Portland Or

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