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> And where do you get the information you use to make this chart? (In
> case there's a good source I'm missing.)

I don't have the original in front of me right now, but I believe that it is
indeed a WN chart. I've had it for 10 + years. I post a copy in the studio
and keep the original in a drawer, or so I am thinking that is where it is
at. I came across this when I started the Taos Photographic Workshops. If
Daniel Smith would have [provided a nice chart, I'd have had it up instead
but instead we would just show students the order book and their rating as a
comparison. The WN chart would show all the colors on water color paper, not
just a printed representation of the color from a press run.

Maybe that is why WN cost more; all those neat little promo packets that
they sent out to their distributors? I may have even picked it up at the art
store in Santa Fe where I bought my printing supplies of paper, tape, and
the odd tube of paint to spot or hand color.

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