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Date: 06/03/05-10:06:42 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Katharine Thayer wrote:
> >
> And perhaps
> > it wasn't completely apt to call it a stain in that one case where I was
> > calling it a stain,
> >
> Because of course if it were a stain, it would be the color of the
> paint, which it's not.

and no, (anticipating another suggestion that hasn't been made yet but
is bound to be if we keep at this) it's not dichromate stain dulling and
yellowing the color of the paint. I earlier soaked a dried step print in
fresh potassium metabisulfite for half an hour, with no change in the
color. I'll be happy to post that with the others, but it looks just
like the rest of them. I really do think this may be what up until now
I doubted the existence of: a case in which something about the process
may be incompatible with the pigment, or with the paint anyway.
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