Re: polivinyl alcohol vs. gelatin sizing

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Date: 07/29/05-11:52:29 AM Z
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I tried also under Kevin Sullivan suggrestions.

I am trying to produce very large prints (1 mt x .80 cms) and obviously the
most difficult part is to get an even coating.

In my opinion, it is a little bit messy to use Elmer's glue on the exact
proportion so I went and found the chemical polyvinyl alcohol.

I tested and works but needs to be tuned.

I also did some search over the Internet and found interesting articles at:

Now Elmer's glue is soluble in water and this issue is being cover at

I also found that several companies are working on the basis of this
polyvinyl alcohol for the paper and inkjet industries.

I wonder if anybody in the list has made any further research.

In my opinion it covers very well the gelatin and paper sizing requirements
for alternative process.


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> Giovanni,
> Kevin Sullivan of B and S fame told me he regularly uses Elmer's Glue in a
> 1:8-10 dilution for a size. I have not tried it; if you try it please
> the list how you like it.
> Chris
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> Subject: polivinyl alcohol vs. gelatin sizing
> > Hi list,
> > As anybody worked or tested the polivynil acetate or alcohol (it is
> > in Elkmer glu) as a substitution to gelatin for sizing paper?
> > Thanks,
> > Giovanni
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