Re: Summer Ice (Newfoundland icebergs) on my website now

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Date: 07/29/05-11:48:54 AM Z
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Maybe the wife was thinking of Brett Weston's icebergs. His were much more
of a non objective nature. It was not easy to tell what it was in the
picture. You made yours almost positioned in the photograph, like a
postcard rather than a design in nature, or a design in a photograph.
Brett's white was more crisp, and the blacks were of an agate or black jade

Thanks for posting.
S. Shapiro
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> Hi John
> I showed them to Terry Etherton while in SF last week. He's purchased work
> from me before this. His wife was kept giving him sideways glances while I
> showed them the work. I dunno... You think the HOT weather would bode
> well
> for the icy scenics??
> Thanks for taking a look! I appreciate it!
> With best wishes,
> Jon
> Tenants Harbor, Maine
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