Re: posting with anonymity or with a fictitious name

From: Randy Hendrix ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/29/05-03:43:58 AM Z
Message-id: <>

Interesting question, I do not recall anything more than a general request that posters behave in a polite and civil manor.
I guess some people might have an understandable need for anonymity, for example when they wish to express their own personal opinion, yet their name is known tied to a commercial interest... and it might be better to distance oneself in this method.
I personally think that if anyone needs to use an anonymous name, that is fine with me. I have nothing to hide and if any one wants to call, write or visit me, I will be glad to make arrangements.
If for some reason it is necessary to restrict the use of anonymous "pen names" one option would be to register it with the list father... that way a pen name could still be used to protect ones privacy.

Anonymous ?

Ryuji Suzuki <> wrote:
In my understanding, this list is against anonymous posts or posts
with fictitious names. Can someone clarify this?



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