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Subject: Re: The Center for Photographic History and Technology
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 02:47:32 -0400 (EDT)

> It is a carry over from the APIS logo. The hexagon can either
> represent the beehive cell, the carbon atom or benzine ring, or a
> lens shutter -- take your pick. Most corporate symbols today are not
> symbolic so in that sense we are old fashioned.

I had a small hope that it was an abstraction of tabular grain silver
bromide crystals but obviously that was way off :-)

Incidentally, I agree a lot of corporations seem not to use symbols or
illustrated logos, but a lot of examples of excellent designs can be
found in magazines like Print, my favorite magazine.

For the rest of your response, thank you for taking time to describe
the details of the new Center. I recall some of them mentioned in
this list before but I wasn't at APIS so I didn't know about most of
them. Those non-event related projects certainly sound intriguing.

Regarding the refereed journal plan, one option might be to encourage
members to publish in existing journals until certain volume and
interest is generated. Although not very common, I have read several
papers on photographic history in journals like Photographic Science
and Technology (the journal is now taken over by new series) and
Journal of Society of Photographic Science and Technology of
Japan. The latter society publishes mostly in Japanese, but there are
some English sections, and their table of contents still look like the
Photo. Sci. Eng. in 1980s (that is, full of chemical based photography
and big names who are *still* doing research on silver based
photography in 200x at corporate research lab and universities). This
society seems very active also in the area of history, conservation
and image permanence, as well as camera technology and market
analysis. The publications of SPSTJ are rather rare in US libraries
but they do ship journals overseas with no extra cost to the nominal
membership due. They are also set up to mail photocopy of past papers
for a fee plus shipping.

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