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As luck would have it we received in the mail the federal tax exemption for
the Center. 501(c)3 Melody kept it secret from me and announced it before
the assembled masses at APIS. Those of you who know, know this is a big

APIS was an incredible event and thanks to those here on the List that
participated, especially Mark Nelson who along with Dick Arents did a
splendid presentation on digital negatives. Dr. Dusan Stulik, Chief
Scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute did a very informative
presentation on how they are dating platinum prints by knowing Willis's
patents and non destructively getting percentages of trace elements. For
instance one patent has barium in it and the others don't. Gerry Mader
knocked them out with his humor and did a session on carbon on glass. His
wife is a glass artist so his 6 foot piece was a collaborative effort. Art
Chakalis updated us on his research into Fresson. Julio Galindo did an
update on the hand coated photo scene in Mexico City and showed his and
some of his students platinum work. (On is named Cristina Khalo! Nice name
to walk into a gallery with. Great grand niece or something like that.

Paul Lehman showed three new carbon like processes he is working on. Terry
King had them rolling in the aisles and I am not sure what it was about.
Oh! Yeah, some new gold process he has invented. Lots of other stuff about
the goings on in the UK. Everyone loved it. Our own Sandy King helped out
in the Q&A session on the carbon topics. What a gentleman he is! Thanks Sandy.

I did a present on the Center. I could say they assembly was enthusiastic
but I think the fact that we raised over $5,000.00 with several thousand
more promised when folks got home to their piggy banks says more than
anything. Two people who have foundations were very excited and said we
must contact them formally.

Over half the attendees teach in higher educational institutions and many
have gallery representation. The overall sense that was conveyed was not
only was the educational programs we proposed but the time was now right
for a professional organization to represent the serious photographer
working in historical processes.

The new web site is being furiously worked on right now and when complete
you can get there with a link from

Now I have to catch up on some sleep.


--Dick Sullivan

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