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Date: 07/25/05-06:39:38 AM Z
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I noticed recently, when I was trying to signal to a guy across a
crowded gallery opening that he should call me, that I communicated this
message by holding a pretend phone to one ear and doing a circular
dialing motion with the other. He got the message, but it occurred to me
afterward that it has become a very outdated gesture.

Bob Maxey wrote:
> >>>Happy to know someone who still has a dial phone. I have one hidden
> away in
> a box in my garage. I am inspired by you to get it out and use it.
> Modern
> phones are too complex. You have to read an instruction manual in
> order to
> program them and even use them. They have a lot of features that I
> suspect
> we do not need. Another point --- those old dial phones lasted maybe
> 25
> years or more. One is lucky to get five years out of a modern, push
> button
> electronic phone.>>>
> I still use a dial phone. A rotary, to use the technically correct
> term. Mine was manufactured by Western Electric. Still quite useable.
> As for how long they last, I am using one of the telephones my parents
> had installed in 1955.
> You might be interested to learn that at one time, Kodak offered its
> dealers a rotary /electronic hybrid system with a punch card reader
> for ordering products. Just dial the order number to connect to their
> order system, select a card, push the card into the reader, and hit
> the button. The card would be mechanically read and the system worked
> quite well. For the most part.
> I am bothered by Kodak's recent paper decision because of what it
> represents perhaps a little more than the actual loss of the material.
> I would guess many feel the same way. For many years, we have suffered
> the loss of this and that, but no Internet to discuss these decisions
> and e-lament their loss.
> Bob
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