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Date: 07/25/05-01:18:38 AM Z
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>>>Happy to know someone who still has a dial phone. I have one hidden away in
a box in my garage. I am inspired by you to get it out and use it. Modern
phones are too complex. You have to read an instruction manual in order to
program them and even use them. They have a lot of features that I suspect
we do not need. Another point --- those old dial phones lasted maybe 25
years or more. One is lucky to get five years out of a modern, push button
electronic phone.>>>

I still use a dial phone. A rotary, to use the technically correct term. Mine was manufactured by Western Electric. Still quite useable.

As for how long they last, I am using one of the telephones my parents had installed in 1955.

You might be interested to learn that at one time, Kodak offered its dealers a rotary /electronic hybrid system with a punch card reader for ordering products. Just dial the order number to connect to their order system, select a card, push the card into the reader, and hit the button. The card would be mechanically read and the system worked quite well. For the most part.

I am bothered by Kodak's recent paper decision because of what it represents perhaps a little more than the actual loss of the material. I would guess many feel the same way. For many years, we have suffered the loss of this and that, but no Internet to discuss these decisions and e-lament their loss.

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