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> On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> I find it rather amusing that on an alt. photo list that
>> is populated (mostly) with people who mix their own
>> chemicals and coat their own paper, that this is such a
>> big topic. So kodak won't make paper. Big deal. One of
>> the reasons I started alt. processes was to lessen my
>> dependency on big business. <insert objectionable
>> political statement here> :)
> I was thinking the same thing... which is in fact the
> meaning (or the main meaning) behind the term
> "Post-Factory Photography" -- in the sense of
> *after* the factory, as post-modernism means *after*
> modernism, not the photography of factories that make
> posts.
    Just a couple of reactions because this is so far OT.
   Sometimes recycling is not done because it is not so
conservative of envirionmental quality is one might think.
For instance, my understanding is that recycling aluminum
uses more energy than refining it from ore. There are other
peculiarities: for inststance mercury cells are not
permitted in the USA but fluorescent lamps, which contain
more Mercury, are all over the place.
   Broadcasting was originally conceived of as a public
service supported partly by advertising revenue. Until about
twenty years ago broadcast stations were required to use
part of their time for non-commercial public service
purposes. This, along with virtually all other regulation
has been eliminated. People seem to believe in the myth of
the superiority of unregulated capitalism over all other
economic systems as though it were fundamentalist religion.
They pay an enormous but mostly hidden price for this,
including the current shipping of jobs overseas. Enough.
  Does your phone have a crank on the side? Does the
operator still say "Number Plee-uze"? New York really does
have everything.

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