New Epson's and PDN

From: Adam Kimball ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/24/05-09:32:03 PM Z
Message-id: <200507242142156.SM00507@adam>

Hi all,

I'm about ready to buy a printer. I'm leaning towards a 2400 - but I'm VERY
concerned about the zillions of possible problems that can arise. I know
the 2200 works, but the prices are still incredibly high for them (when you
can find them not refurbished). I can also pick up a 4000 for $1.4k. I'm
considering that as well. I haven't heard from anyone who is currently
making negs on a 2400 - good or bad. So, if you are - please speak up!

So, everyone, when you upgrade to the new 2400, 4800, etc - please let us
know how it goes, how it changes your workflow, etc.

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