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From: Don Bryant <>
Subject: RE: argyrotype paper
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 22:16:20 -0400

> If you mean Cranes Natural White Wove 90 then it can be purchased
> directly from Cranes.

Thanks for the info.

Is this the paper everyone is referring to when they say Crane cover
paper? I went to their website and found heavier 110, 134 and 179lb
stocks (in 8.5x11 and 20x26 in sizes) but is there a reason why 90lb
is preferred over 110lb, especially if it's easy to tear when wet?

What about fluorescent white?

Below is for my information only (With no relation to current
politics, I HATE pound system used in American printing system... they
don't make sense to me unless I figure out things below).

The basis size for cover paper stock is usually 20x26. That way, 100lb
is equivalent to 271gsm. 90lb=240gsm, 110lb=300gsm.

However, their 70lb and 80lb "Cover Stocks" seem to use convention for
book paper (basis size is 25x38 inch, 100lb = 148gsm) so that 80lb =
120gsm, 70lb = 100gsm.

BTW the gsm or gram per square meter is defined regardless of the
basis size, so the numbers can be compared across different kinds of
paper stocks.
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