RE: argyrotype paper

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/22/05-08:16:20 PM Z
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> But does it take a long water wash?

Yes it holds up well to lengthy immersion time. The paper doesn't "dissolve"
in the water. The problem with tearing occurs when lifting a print by the
corner that is 11x14 or larger.

> Does it improve if you size the paper (for other processes, I
> suppose)?

Dunno, I've never sized it.

> So where're preferred places to buy the stationary paper in question
> in 22x29 size?

If you mean Cranes Natural White Wove 90 then it can be purchased directly
from Cranes.

Cranes papers can be purchased from one of their authorized dealers which
are listed on their web site. My gripe is having to purchase a very large
quantity of paper and the difficulty of getting samples of the paper I'm
interested in (either for free or purchase.) Their dealers have little
interest in selling to individuals.

Cranes stationary stores sell 8.5x11 boxes of the NWW 90 which makes for a
very economical paper for making small prints. Cranes also sells that

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