Re: Platinum and palladium with cyanotype

From: Venkatram Iyer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/22/05-11:56:15 AM Z
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IME, Cyanotype over Pt/Pd works very well, emphasizing intricate shadow
details in a cool blue-black. Pt/Pd over cyanotype bleaches the latter.
This also holds for Satista.

I am currently considering experimenting with Kallitype and have your
PF#8 article in front of me. Have you experimented doing Kallis on
Whatman paper? How does it behave? Any recent observations beyond what
you published in #8 would be most appreciated.


On 22-Jul-05, at 7:00 AM, Carmen Lizardo wrote:

> Dear List, a friend showed my a print by Kero Izu
> called Blue, and the process was listed as Platinum
> and palladium with cyanotype. Does it matter witch
> process is printed first? And, can I use kallytype
> instead of palladium?
> Thanks you,
> Carmen
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