I'm back.. again ;)

From: Adam Kimball ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/22/05-11:14:16 AM Z
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Hi all,

It has been quite awhile since I've been on the list. I now have a
place where I can build a decent darkroom and make some prints. It
doesn't look like much has changed in the four-five years that I've
been gone which makes sense since our processes are much older. I'm
going to play with a few things - gum (my favorite though by far my
least understood process), Ware's Platino (which I love to no end),
and finally Ware's Chrysotype. That is the one thing that has
changed, Mike has finally posted the secrets - very cool. I'm
looking forward to spending countless hours trying to get even a
remotely acceptable print from this process. I've given Chrysos a
shot before, but I was never using the right gold, and it always fell
out of solution when it hit the ligand. Anyone who is working with
Chryso's - please contact me off list! I'm very interested.

The big change is that my large-format camera is sitting in the
closet for now. I just bought a DSLR, a super light carbon tripod,
and am now prepared to shoot like crazy and throw almost all of it
away every night. I think I just got burnt on the slow LF thing.
We'll see, maybe I'll go back.

One final question, is there any reason why any of you would not buy
a cheaper Epson 2200 for digital negs and go for a 2400? Just curious.

Oh yes, one final final question - is anyone working with B&S carbon
tissue? I do know about the Alt-Photo archive, but the searching
algorithm is a bit problematic.

So, hello to everyone..

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