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Sources are as usual...Daniel Smith, NY Central, Jerry's Artarama, Stephen
Kinsella,,,, Bostick and
Sullivan, maybe even Dick Blick and Pearl depending on paper. Check 'em all
out, probably all are online, too.

I would say Platine is a better bang for buck than Buxton for sure, but I
also didn't think Rives was too shabby and that is quite cheap. Texture is
more apparent.

As far as, Roy, which are good for VDB I have only tested P Wove and Platine
for that and both are wonderful. But I have on my list of VDB papers others
also...Fabriano Uno and Artistico, Canson Lavis Technique, Lana Royal White,
Cotman Take, Bristol, Rising Stonehenge, Rising Gallery. Strathmore is said
to bronze but I am not sure if that is a young bimbo's tale or not, because
bronzing can be due to lots of other reasons. Here's where frequent VDBers
can chime in and refute these choices, as they are just notes I have taken
out of all kinds of books on paper choices and not personal experience (the
argyro papers are ones I have had experience with).
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> Hi Chris, Could you give some sources for these papers..... Also which do
> you think has the biggest bang for the buck?
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>> Rives BFK, Buxton (called Ashton Platinum in the States), Canson's Opalux
>> Vellum, Crane's Parchment Wove, 3111 Writing, Kid Finish, Hollingsworth
>> Kent, Sauder's Waterford, Somerset, Whatman's Watercolor and
>> Printmaking...does this give you enough ideas? Buxton is the most
>> beautiful, but very expensive ($10 a sheet...sheeeeet...)
>> Chris
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