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Chris, Do you know of anyone who specifically supplies Whatman's
Watercolor paper 140 Hot Press in the U.S. and who ships north across
the border? Thanks in advance for any info. Rajul

On 20-Jul-05, at 10:12 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Rives BFK, Buxton (called Ashton Platinum in the States), Canson's
> Opalux Vellum, Crane's Parchment Wove, 3111 Writing, Kid Finish,
> Hollingsworth Kent, Sauder's Waterford, Somerset, Whatman's Watercolor
> and Printmaking...does this give you enough ideas? Buxton is the most
> beautiful, but very expensive ($10 a sheet...sheeeeet...)
> Chris
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>> I realize that this has been discussed before, but
>> does anyone have any recommendations for a good
>> (easily acquired) paper for beginning argyrotype? Most
>> that are listed in the Ware article are no longer
>> available or difficult to obtain.
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