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Mike Ware has finally put instructions up on his site, at

Haven't tried it myself yet, but from what I remember of the Rudiak and
McClean articles, Mike's instructions look rather simpler.

BTW, anyone know what's happened to Tony McClean? Seems to have vanished
shortly before Christmas.


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> I have not done chrysotype but Don Bryant on this list has.

Thanks for the credit but I have not done Chrysotype printing although I
said I wanted to. I have all of the chemicals but unfortunately not the time
to work with chrysotypes.

For a starter for anyone interested in chrysotypes I would suggest a Google
search on the word "Chrysotype."

Mike Ware's website:

is sure to come up as well as others. His site will have a description of
the process but unless you are someone that is comfortable with the chemical
nomenclature and understand enough chemistry to have ease with reading his
article the procedures outlined maybe difficult to follow. I exchanged a few
e-mails with Dr. Ware a few years ago asking questions about the process.
Even though his answers were courteous he finally asked that I not e-mail
him further explaining that he did not intend to tutor me in chemistry;
which was fair enough since it was his time. He also wrote that he was
working on a chrysotype book, but I have yet to hear that it has been
published. Dr. Peter Vail was also working with Ware and at one time had an
online gallery and short description of the process, so Google on his name

Finally Tony McLean has an article about Chrysotypes on the Unblinking Eye


The late John Rudiak also posted an article on his website which is still
available at:


Terry King's website has an article titled "Chrysotype Rex" and may be worth


As for your black specks in your kallitypes, I would speculate that you have
metallic silver in your solution so you may want to filter your sensitizer.

>From my experience recommended papers for this process include Stonehenge,
Arches Platine, Cot320, Cranes Platinotype, Bienfang and Clear Print Vellums
or any paper that usually works well with VDB.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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